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About the Maragatham Sankaranarayanan Trust

The Maragatham Sankaranarayanan Trust was formed in 1994 by the progeny of Kallidaikurichi Dr.E.S.Sankaranarayana Iyer (Dr. E.S.S.) to popularise and propagate the compositions of Dr.E.S.S.

The Trust celebrates December 2nd every year as the Remembrance Day of Kallidaikurichi Dr.E.S.Sankaranarayana Iyer and hosts a Music Concert by leading Carnatic Music Artistes. The following Concerts have been held as of date:

  1. Smt. Sudha Raghunathan - January 1997
  2. Smt. Nithyashree Mahadevan/Disciples of Smt. Sulochana Pattabiraman - December 1997
  3. Smt. Aruna Sairam/Deciples of Sri D.K.Jayaraman led by Sri Vijay Siva - December 1998
  4. Smt. Anuradha Krishnamoorthy/Sri Sanjay Subramanian - December 1999
  5. Shri P. Unnikrishnan - December 2000
  6. Shri. T.M. Krishna - December 2001

Cassettes of the Annual Concerts are available with the Trust.

The Trust has created endowments in the following Sabhas at Chennai to conduct competitions based on the compositions of Dr.E.S.S.:

  • The Music Academy
  • The Mylapore Fine Arts
  • The Indian Fine Arts Society
  • Naradha Gana Sabha

The teachers whose students receive the First Prize in the competitions held at the Sabhas are honoured with the "BHODHAKA AWARDS" every year during the Remembrance Day Concert.

The Trust has three volumes of books containing the compositions of Dr.E.S.S. Iyer. These books and the cassettes of the Remembrance Day Concert are distributed to the Carnatic Music lovers.

For any other details, kindly contact the Trust.